How to Make Stage Lighting Better?

Most of the times, good performance is considered to be the key factor that make a theater succeed. However, there are also many other factors that play important roles in making a theater wonderful. One of the most critical elements is the stage lighting. There are many rules that you should follow to make perfect stage lighting.

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Above all, the visibility should be the most essential for a theater. For the audiences, there is nothing more terrible that watching the performances in dark or doom environment. Therefore, the designer for the stage lighting should make sure that the stage has enough illumination for the audience to see the performers very clearly. And the designer also should follow the instruction of the director and make the performer be visible or invisible according to the need of the performance. What is more, sometimes, the light designer should make sure the performer is visible when he or she moves across the stage.

The mood that aroused by the stage light is also very important. You may wonder that whether the light can create moods. More often, people will have different moods when they are under different environments of different light colors. Usually, the dark atmosphere will help arouse a chilling feeling which makes the audience touch the feeling the hero better. A romantic and moving story will sure require dreamy and soft light. Sometimes, the light designers are working hard on keeping a special mood lasting for a longer time. And this may be more difficult than creating a mood. The light designer should keep the mood with some changes of the light while make the efforts unnoticed by the audience.

The last but not least, there should be selective focus for a performance. The focus of the stage light plays an important role in attracting the attention of the audiences. If there are so many performers on the stage and the director only what the audience focus on the hero and the heroine, the light on them should be shifted into a special color or a spotlight will soon attract the eyes of the audiences. More often, the changes of the stage light are only made for that of the performance. In this way, the audiences will be able follow the changes of the performance and be more enjoyable.

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